Phits and 3D printed orthotics

Phits and 3D printed custom orthotics are the latest technologies to the orthotic market. There are numerous way this new technology can be effective in orthotic manufacture. Each approach has pros and cons, with some being more effective for certain types of clincial presentation and orthotic design type.

We usually take a plaster cast or 3D scan in a non-weight bearing position to ensure we capture the foot in a more neutral position and to maximise control from the orthotics that we prescribe and manufacture.

As part of our biomechanical assessment we have a number of options available to us in relation to our orthotic prescription and manufacture. A few options around both Phits and 3D printed custom  orthotics are outlined below.

As experts in the field of orthotic manufacture. We recognise there is not a single approach that can truly deliver the whole variety of custom orthotic design. As such, we use a number of approaches and manufacturing for the wide range of orthoses we provide.

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Phits and footscan
3D scanned orthotics
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3D Scanned custom printed approach

The most commonly used approach for additive or 3D printed custom made foot orthotics and ankle foot orthotics (AFO's) is via scanning technology.

This is done as part of the biomechanical assessment and using a 3D scanning device. This takes a 3D image of the leg/foot and ankle. This digital image is then designed using CADCAM technology to then manufacture the orthosis.

This can be used to design;

  • Foot orthotics/insoles

  • Ankle foot orthotics (AFO's)

  • Protective face masks

  • Upper limb bracing

We partner with a number of companies in relation to our 3d scanned custom orthotics. We are both 3D ortho and Crispin orthotics approved orthotic centres.

How do you scan for custom printed orthotics?

  • Using our dedicated 3d scanner we take a digital image of the foot which then gives us a 3D image of the foot to allow us to then start the design process for your orthotics
  • The 3D image then is modified depending on the specific correction requirements for your orthotic prescription.
  • The orthotic prescription is then fed into either a 3D printer or milling machine depending on the type of orthotics being manufactured. These digitally manufactured orthoses are extremely accurate and ensure 100% repeatability and accuracy. They can even have orthotics with different levels of stiffness integrated into the prescription ensuring maximum accuracy, durability and comfort.

Phits 3D printed orthotics and footscan technology

Sport orthotics private clinics are gait and motion approved clinics. Phits are bespoke orthotics designed using specific pressure scanning technology known as footscan.

The method of custom orthotic manufacture involves using a special pressure mat (Footscan technology). This special pressure mat measures how your foot bears weight when walking. The data collected then is used to then help design your custom orthotic prescription.

This pressure data and orthotic prescription is then sent to a 3D printer in Belgium to then be printed for manufacture.

Phits design
Phits orthotics

Which Sport Orthotics clinics have 3D printed scanned orthotics available?

We have 3D scanning technology clinics at all of our clinics across Scotland. We are the largest network of private orthotics across Scotland. So, there should be a clinic near you. Details of our clinic locations are below

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