Our Pricelist

The Sport Orthotics team have a wealth of experience in orthotics and biomechanics and have collectively over 25 years experience in both the NHS and private practice. We see people of all levels of activity from professional athletes to people simply wishing to be a little more comfortable in their daily activities.

Biomechanical Assessments

Assessment LevelCost
Bronze PackageFree
Silver Package£45
Gold Package£65

Insoles & Foot Orthotics

Assessment LevelCost
Simple Insoles (for minor problems)£60
Modular Orthotics - for mild biomechanical problem£100 (Additional Pairs +£75)
Semi Bespoke Orthotics - for mild/moderate biomechanical problems£175 (Additional Pairs +£110)
Fully Bespoke Orthotics - for complex biomechanical problems£275 (Additional Pairs +£175)

Ankle & Foot Orthotics

Assessment LevelCost
Custom made Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)£375
Review outside initial 3 month period£35
Repairs & Refurbishfrom £35